Kingsfriend Music

Piano Tuning

Serving Eastern North Carolina: Onslow, Carteret, Duplin, Sampson, and Surrounding Counties.


POSTCARD RECIPIENTS: To those who received my postcard in the mail I beg your pardon in my failure to catch the typo on the back. I gave my website as instead of  I assure you that we are not the king's fiend!  We are the king's friend in so far as we are able, by His help!  Mea culpa.



     + 50 cents/mile from my house to yours.

         + tax must be charged on the tuning and repairs.

Pitch Raises (and Lowers): 



      $25/hour (If it is solely a repair job, $50 "bench fee" + $25/additional hour.)




     Discount offered when two pianos are tuned on the same day.

Humidity Control: 

     Call to set up an appointment for assessment.


Payment is due upon services rendered.

Cash or Check only as we can not accept credit/debit cards.

For More on Tuning check out our sister site:

Need a professional piano mover? 

Don't hesitate to call on Miguel Ortiz, East Coast Movers


Tuning for the 5-Grand Piano Christmas Concert

Sean is a lifelong student

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