Kingsfriend Music


     KingsfriendMusic is the music ministry of Sean and Lara Capparuccia. They have been involved with music ministry for over 25 years and have brought their talents to many churches along the way.

     Of utmost importance to Sean and Lara is integrity in worship. Having gone through the music struggles that faced – and still face – many congregations, the Capparuccia's have learned that musical style is just one of many tools that churches should use in implementing and executing proper worship.

     The music of a church should not define its worship; the worship should define its music. Getting away from such labels as "contemporary", "blended", and "traditional," they have sought to implement an understanding in churches that the best way to approach music in worship is from a holistic or authentic perspective; use the music which best expresses the truth of the Scripture and message. Play the music in such a style as best expresses its lyric intent and edifies the people.

Soli Deo Gloria en Ecclesium et Familiae